eCapital Reviews

The numbers are in. eCapital has consistently solved owner operator's and fleet owner's cash flow problems. See the reviews for yourself.
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"Just starting out - there is a learning curve due to being new, but everything has been very easy so far."

Eric G., California

"I like that they check the credit so I don't waste time accepting trips."

Carmelita T., Texas

"Practically perfect."

Waldemar K., Illinois

"I really enjoy using eCapital, the ease and convenience really helps me complete my day to day deadlines."

Matthew K., Missouri

"I like to work with eCapital. You have a good team."

Hrachya A., California 

"I don’t have too much to say. They do their job and do it good, so no calls and no complaints from me."

Israel R., Georgia

"eCapital is a company that always attends to the doubts and requests in record time, with much attention and patience."

Andre K., Florida